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South Frame Advanced Works


Trademark Paving have been creating inspirational yet functional outdoor spaces since 2007. We are experts at all things paving. Our scope includes all elements of segmental paving, concrete paving, stone masonry and landscaping. If you are looking to create an outdoor space you are proud of, then Trademark is your paving partner. 

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Shaping city streets

Trademark Paving have delivered a number of large streetscapes across the South Island. From Manchester Street in Christchurch, to Leith Walk and Castle Street in Dunedin, to Greymouth Central Business District, we have expertise in all types of streetscape work. 

We create the spaces where people live, that will last for decades.

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For over 10 years we have been creating vibrant open spaces for families and communities to enjoy. We take pride in leaving a legacy of quality workmanship that will be enjoyed for generations to come. Whether that be a large public space, or an intimate garden setting, Trademark Paving are experts in creating lifestyle spaces. Our experienced team are on hand to manage your project from start to finish, and cover all areas of project management, procurement and installation.


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