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TradeMark Paving is a leading installer of segmental paving road features in the South Island. Our service encompasses installation of concrete threshold retention beams, sectional concrete kerbing blocks, aggregate base preparation and paver installation. Our expertise extends to the installation of service lids and tactile paving systems. We also provide an installation service for all ground support socket/ stanchions, directional traffic signs, reflective markers and pedestrian barrier arms. Whether you require a paved roundabout, traffic island or a speed bump, an intersection or a layby parking area, we will get the job done to spec and on time.

Recently completed or on-going projects include:
  • SCIRT Repair programme
  • Magdala- Wigram link overbridge.
  • Various subdivisions including:
    • Wigram Skies, Wigram
    • Preston Downs, West Melton
    • Quarry Views, Halswell
    • Liffey Springs, Lincoln
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