Terms of Trade

Commercial Work:
The terms of trade for Commercial projects will be project- specific and negotiated at the time of tender or quote acceptance.

Residential Projects:
The following is a typical residential project process, with activities and obligations for both the client and TradeMark to complete.
1.0 Site visit. > Measure up of area > Project scoping > Specification
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2.0 Quote returned to client within 7 days of site visit. 
Scope and specification is stated and may indicate a variable % deposit 
required upon quote acceptance, dependant upon the project specs.
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3.0 Client signs acceptance of quote and pays deposit (if required)
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4.0 Product procurement is initiated.
Approx start date is established and communicated with the client.
Regular updates provided to client to confirm start date.
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5.0 Pre-start meeting. 
Confirm scope of work, installation process and estimated timeframes.
Introduce site team.
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6.0 Installation process:
Excavation/ demolition > Sub-base preparation > Final dressing- Sand or mortar
Paver install/ cutting in > Joint fill/ grouting
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7.0 Site tidy, Practical completion
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8.0 Final Payment made within seven days

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